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“Aging is like climbing a big mountain: while you are a heading up the strength diminish, but the look is freer and the perspective is wider and calmer”

Igmar Bergman

Patagonia, being one of the more pristine areas that remain in the world, has always participated in the culture of mountaineering.  Famous for its innumerable mountains embraced by hanging glaciers, huges granite walls and towers and the different heights from where you can see the countless fjords, lakes, valleys and all the geography of this place.


It is only necessary to dare yourself to this meeting so you can take back one of the more unforgettable experiences that life can provide. A present of the end of the world.  

CERRO TENERIFE (1650 m.s.n.m.)

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 1 day


We left at dawn from Puerto Natales a heading to Sierra Pratt so we can begin our ascent to Cerro Tenerife. This is a classic, pyramidal and located in a privileged position that allow you observe either the Paine massif and the fiords and Puerto Natales (if the weather allows)

The climb takes 8hr round trip and is highly recommended to strengthen legs and practice walking techniques on ice or snow. We start in the magellanic  forest, surrounded by Lengas, Ñirres and Notros until we leave the vegetation behind and reach the ‘Andean desert’ . From then on, the angled stones -who are witness of the retreat of the glaciers- will join us to the top.

CERRO FERRIER (1599 m.s.n.m.)

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 2 nights, 3 days

Located inside Torres del Paine N.P and with a glacier that huge the mountain almost until the top, it is one of known great lookouts  because of its prominence in front of ‘Campos de hielo Sur’ (Southern Icefields).
From its summit you can appreciate how immense and vast the landscape is, as you can also see the Paine in its absolute majesty, and contemplate all the variety of colors of the lake that spread around it like flowers surrounding the monument.

First day we will reach Camp 1. Second day Camp 1 – summit – Camp 1. Third day return. Includes all the technical equipment and a specialized guide.

CERRO PAINE CHICO (1506 m.s.n.m.)

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Duration: 1 day

Considered the best viewpoint to the Paine towers. It is a wonderful summit that in 8 hours we can go up and down. It’s the best alternative for sports men and women that want to see the towers from the best lookout, walking the entire day alone. It’s perfect if you don’t like crowded trails. We’ll probably have ice in some parts, so the use of crampons will be mandatory.

You will feel the strong wind and will experience the mythic Patagonian mountains.


(2640 m.s.n.m.)

Difficulty: Medium-Hard

4 days, 3 nights.

It’s one of the main massifs of the Paine range. Located between the towers and the horns, this magnificent mountain offers you the full experience of climbing. It’s harder than the others, it requires good shape an complete control of your mind, so you can overcome the challenges that the mountain present. On the top (picture) you will have a 360º view, andozens of glaciers, lakes and the other ‘brother’ mountains as if they were within arm’s reach. It has two technical segments and our team will care about your safety. You’ll use ropes, crampons, harness and helmet, so we cab get trough the sommital edge that take us to the absolute top of it.


Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Duration: 4 days, 3 nights

One of the primordial massifs of Paine. Located between the towers and the horns this offers us the only possibility of reaching a 360 ° view, being able from its summit to see dozens of glaciers, lakes and the rest of the mountains as if they were at hand. It has two technical steps where our team will care about your safety, and you will use ropes, crampons, harness and helmet, to be able to ride on the somital edge that will take us - after a series of false summits - to the absolute top. From there, just enjoy maximum and rejoice. Unforgettable experience guaranteed.


The ride includes all the technical equipment plus a guide specialized in mountaineering (does not include clothes or shoes).

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